At the age of two my mother enticed me with crayons, paints, markers, and scissors. "No coloring books!" she would say, so as not to stifle my creativity. That was the beginning of my journey towards a career in web design and web developmemt.

I attended high school at Bacon Academy in Colchester, CT, where I continued to hone my artistic and creative skills. Upon graduation in 1998, I received an award for the most outstanding art portfolio.

I graduated from Maine College of Art in 2003 with a degree in New Media. Shortly after graduating from MECA I started a job working at a local design firm. I stayed with the firm for three years as the primary web-developer. I also worked in cooperation with the firm to create identity systems and print based designs.


Twenty3x Art & Design is owned and operated by me Rob Pitt. Twenty3x is located in Portland, Maine.

So why did I start my own business? I was finding that I needed more and more time to pursue my own projects. I needed time and the ability to explore other things that I could not do alone in my spare time. My hobbies were becoming my livelihood ever so slowly. The interest of blogs, combined with the ability to help those on a more confined budget was all the incentive I needed. Not to mention it would be a great new life experience. You might think that is carefree, but I say it's calculated.

Why 23?

Here in Maine there are numerous businesses that are aptly named after the state and it's location. There's the traditional "Mainely (noun or action verb)" or "Downeast (noun or action verb)" while those are perfect for around here, I thought I would take a different route. The 23 in 23x actually represents the fact that Maine is the 23rd state inducted into the Union. The X, well let's be honest 23X sounds much better than 23L or 23Z.

23X Company